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About Us

A professional locksmith's service is something you never think of needing until you get locked out, lose your keys or your key breaks in the lock. Then you panic.


Since 1986 our professional locksmith and Silca key cutting service have proved to be a pioneering one that is constantly provided by qualified technically prepared locksmiths, whether based in our B'Kara shop.  Our services and products include wholesale distribution and retail sale for the local lock industry.


We supply high quality keys from leading brands around Europe, whether for domestic or automotive purposes; Silca spa of Italy, Davenport Burgess Ltd UK, Keyline s.a of Italy, Elmetools of Spain, Advanced Diagnostic Ltd of UK and several other companies. At Ace Service Express, we don't just duplicate keys that belong to houses, cars or boats but also fix/open security locks and locking devices as well as doing new combinations for existing locks to operate on different keys or car keys as required. Our employees are regularly trained to work professionally using the latest technological equipment, always ensuring the utmost confidentiality to safeguard our customers' property and vehicles. Ace Service Express has qualified personnel trained by the Locksmith Institute of America.


On an emergency level, we can open your vehicle or door lock without damaging your property, no matter where you are based in Malta. Are you stuck outdoors? Is your key lost? Do you need assistance we are there to assist you. ONLY trust the professionals.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy since the setting up of our company was to offer our clients quality products produced by leading manufacturers in the field. Today we are proud to say that we are sole representatives and distributors for Europe's main manufacturer in the locksmith business. 

Our Mission

To be market leaders, our motto is " We lead others follow." This motto is backed by the fact that what exists today on the market as regards to the locksmith business was set up by us, whilst the competition just followed.

Our Team

Our team consists of personnel trained in the trade for a number of years, we do our utmost to offer our clients the best service possible.